Cleaning has become a part of our daily routine since tidy homes are comfortable and gives one a sense of security and confidence. Additionally, it reduces our utility bills and improves our social life. It is easy to clean the place you get to see every day, for instance, your dining tables, kitchen surfaces and floor, bathrooms among others. However, there are essential places that most of us forget to clean due to various reasons.

  1. Behind the oven and under the fridge

For most of us, these are the most hidden places in our homes and it never strikes our minds how dusty they can get.  Additionally, these places grow mold and bacteria due to dampness especially under our fridges which is harmful to our health. Furthermore, food particles fall behind our ovens every time we cook and sometimes become smelly and even attract home pests. It is important that we clean these place at least once in a week to maintain good hygiene.

  1. The area around the toilet

Most of us clean our toilets every day or even weekly, however, we forget to clean the area around the toilet such as its bottom, behind it and the cistern. Every time we use the toilets, we splash water around these places which leads to build up of germs and even staining. Furthermore, we forget to clean the toilet brush and other equipment we use to clean the toilet which means after all even with the thorough cleaning we still harbor germs. It is important that we thoroughly clean these places and equipment at least weekly to avoid bacteria growth which maybe a danger to our health.

  1. Under the sinks and counters

While we all clean our kitchen and bathroom surfaces and sinks, we forget that the place under them are damp and need cleaning to prevent the growth of mold. Additionally these place harbor home pests such roaches which are not welcome in our homes. While cleaning under these place use disinfectants and clean water to ensure that you get rid of all the spores present. Lastly, it is important that you avoid scratching the surface since it is expensive to repair or replace the equipment.

  1. The upholstery

This is a place that never comes into our minds when we are cleaning. However, germs always find their way in and out of our furniture. Furthermore, there are dust, smoke, food crumbs that cling on the upholstery that need to cleaned at least monthly to ensure that they are sparkling clean.  While cleaning daily at least wipe down the upholstery using an appropriate cleaner to avoid permanent staining.

  1. Under the bed

It is never a place we really want to clean since we cannot reach. However, a lot of dirt, dust and germs can accumulate under the bed causing allergies and infection. Additionally, some of us keep thing such as shoes, suitcases among others under the bed making the place stuffy and providing more room for dust and dirt to accumulate. While cleaning this place, it is important that you clean the things under your bed too and declutter. Additionally, rearrange the place or totally avoid placing things under your bed to make cleaning easier.


In sum, while we all love doing daily cleaning, we forget to clean some of the most important place where germs and bacteria which are harmful to our health are harbored. The places include, behind the oven and under the fridge, the beds, the sinks and counter. Moreover, it is important to clean the upholstery and the area around the toilet to avoid staining. Other additional places include, under the rags and carpets, behind the doors and window seals.

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