They say a clean and tidy home is a happy home. While the two elements work hand in hand, it is never enough to have your home clean and tidy at the same time. House cleaning is something each one of us strives to do every single day from our kitchens to our garages. While we aim to impress and make our abodes comfortable, we forget that some of the things we own need cleaning daily, weekly or monthly. In my blog today I am going to talk about five things we need to clean weekly.

  1. Laundry

Doing laundry is one of the least enjoyed house chores since its exhausting and as a result, most us opt to do it after 4 weeks. However, some of the laundry we own such as towels and bright clothes, need to be cleaned weekly to make it easier and maintain hygiene. Furthermore, doing laundry weekly is less exhausting and economical. Additionally, piling up dirty clothes makes our rooms smelly and to avoid this, weekly cleaning of laundry is advisable.

  1. Kitchen appliances

Most of our kitchen appliances look clean, however, most of them are coated with small particles within your radar such as dust, smoke, food and fingerprints. While cleaning them it is important to use disinfectants for hygiene purposes. Additionally, cleaning them will reduce your utility bills as well us improve their lifespan. This way, you are able to reduce cost in terms of maintenance and repair.

  1. Carpets and Rugs

While most of us do not find it important to clean our carpets and rugs weekly, it is important to understand that this leads to them wearing out fast. Additionally, they trap dirt, dust, food particles, pet dander among others which can cause infection and allergies. Furthermore, clean rugs and carpets look plush, bright and welcoming hence giving your house a tidy look. It is highly recommendable to use vacuum cleaners rather than the hard brushes to clean the carpets and rugs so as to avoid wear and tear and ensure that they thoroughly cleaned.

  1. The bathroom

This is the moistest places in the house and easily build up scum and clog if poorly maintained making the floors slippery. It is important to use cleaners and disinfectants while cleaning your shower and tub to avoid staining and maintain hygiene. Moreover, this will prevent the bathroom from smelling due to dumpiness and help reduce damages. Bathroom surfaces such as sinks, mirrors, counters and soap dishes also need thorough cleaning to prevent scum build and give your bathroom a sparkling look.


  1. The toilet

Most of us think that just flushing our toilets and scrubbing them after use keeps them clean and reduce infections. However, the toilet being the dirtiest room in the house needs thorough cleaning at least once in a week. The cleaning removes the yellow stains appearing on the edges of the toilet seat. Additionally, this will help kill a film of growing bacteria in your toilet hence preventing infections and diseases. Furthermore, it is important to clean your toilet brush after using it to keep it clean and disinfected. Weekly cleaning of the toilets reduces cases of broken and clogged toilet. Lastly, it is highly advisable to keep your toilet seats down.

  1. Conclusion

In sum, while we all strive to clean our homes daily, we should consider doing a thorough cleaning weekly to some of things in our homes to avoid odors, diseases and infection, accidents and damages on our equipment as well as reduce maintenance cost. Some of the things include, our laundry, kitchen appliances, bathrooms and toilets, floor carpet and rugs, dusty furniture and windows.

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