A closet is supposed to make your life easier whether it’s a small or large space and should be the place where you can find the thing you need daily such as shoes, clothes among others. Moreover, it is supposed to make life easier however, keeping it organized has proved to be a hundred times harder. In my bog today am going to give five important tips on how to keep you messy closet organized.

  1. Declutter your closet

It is time that you dispose all the clothes, shoes and clutches in your closet that you do not use anymore because you will probably never used them even though it is not the easiest thing to do. In order to declutter your closet, it is important that you try to understand what your closet and what it isn’t. While we all understand this where you keep your daily wear and accessories, we should also try and understand that it is not where you resize your clothes or a self-emptying space. Hence get rid all the oversized and undersized clothes you don’t need any more and accessories you never use.

  1. Use hangers

Hangers come in variety, for instance, padded, wooden, plastic or even metallic. Furthermore, different hangers are designed to hold certain types of clothing hence one thing to consider when buying a hanger. The use of hangers in your closet gives it a statement especially the wooded ones. Moreover, they makes the closet spacious, neat and easy to maneuver through.

  1. Figure out a system that makes your closet look neat

A system is method you can use to arrange your closet to make it easily accessible. For instance, you could arrange your clothes depending on their colors, the type of clothes or how often you wear them. The best system is to arrange similar clothes together depending on how often you wear them also called “the prime real estate”. This will make it easier to access your closet without having to disorganize it.

  1. Hang everything in order and use bins to store clothes out of season.

In this step, ensure that the clothes and hangers face the same direction. Additionally ensure that hanger of the same color and type stay together. This makes the closet look neat, tidy and functional as well. On the other hand, some of the clothes we own are seasonal, for instance, we only need jackets for cold weather hence advisable that we store them or any clothes not in use in a clean bin away from the closet to create space. Lastly, make use separators to ensure that it is neat and avoid shoving everything inside the closet.

  1. Make use of available space in any way

Any closet is spacious especially if you use hangers hence one make use of any available space. Example, you can add a shelf above the racks where you can place clothes such beddings neatly. Additionally, you can put hooks on the walls and the door where you can hang extra clothes such coats and cardigans to avoid stuffing your closet. Lastly, you can get a shoe organizer for the floor and if there are too many shoes you can arrange them under the bed neatly.


In sum, and organized closet makes your day easier and room neater, therefore it is important that we try and understand what our closet is and what it is not. When organizing your closet try to dispose the thing you do not need any more and make use of hangers to hang everything in order using a system. Furthermore, move seasonal clothes to another location in order to create space and try to make maximum use of this space without making the closet messy.

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